Baileys Brownie

Rs. 720.00 Rs. 800.00


Indulge in the perfect fusion of rich chocolate and creamy Bailey's Irish Cream with Baileys Brownie. These decadent treats boast a moist, fudgy texture and a hint of the iconic liqueur, creating a harmonious blend of sweetness and sophistication. Experience the delightful marriage of flavors with every bite, making these brownies a heavenly, irresistible dessert for those who appreciate a touch of luxury in their desserts.

Our Commitment

At Anthara, our commitment revolves around crafting cakes that transcend the ordinary, creating delightful experiences for every celebration. We are dedicated to using the finest ingredients, ensuring each cake is a masterpiece of flavor and artistry. Anthara is committed to not just selling cakes but to becoming an integral part of your joyous occasions.