Raspberry Eclairs

Rs. 137.50


Indulge in a delicious fusion of Italian and French flavors with our Raspberry Eclairs. Made with the finest ingredients, these delectable treats are a must-try for anyone in Bangalore. Satisfy your sweet cravings and elevate your taste buds with our Raspberry Eclairs.

Indulge in sophistication with our Raspberry Eclair. Layers of delicate pastry, rich coffee-soaked ladyfingers, and velvety mascarpone filling, creating an exquisite dessert that brings the timeless allure of Tiramisu to a delightful eclair experience. Order now for a taste of Italian elegance.

Our Commitment

At Anthara, our commitment revolves around crafting cakes that transcend the ordinary, creating delightful experiences for every celebration. We are dedicated to using the finest ingredients, ensuring each cake is a masterpiece of flavor and artistry. Anthara is committed to not just selling cakes but to becoming an integral part of your joyous occasions.